Rockstar by Christine

Revamping Your Strategic Brain To Be A Rock Solid Leader

The challenge you face as a conference organizer or meeting planner is taking on the role of being a ridiculously in charge rock solid leader. Or not! You can decide to be a meetings’ transactional order taker and fulfiller. You may decide that's all you want to do for the rest of your life. … [Read More...]


The Growing Majority Of The Conference Declined

Who are the people that don’t regularly attend conferences? What are the traits of those that devalue the traditional conference experience? It seems that what attracts some people to conferences actually repels others. Some see the traditional conference experience as stale and predictable. … [Read More...]


Myths Your Conference Should Stop Perpetuating

Your conference is spreading the cult of myths, traditions and rituals. How so? What do you mean? You ask. Providing conference education is not as intuitive as it seems! Science shows that there is a right way and a wrong way to design, deliver and implement conference education. … [Read More...]

Super Bowl XLVIII Confetti drop by Anthony Quintano, on Flickr

Sponsorship Ideas From Super Bowl Fan Experiences

Super Bowl fans paid big money to attend the experience in Arizona. Sponsors paid big money for game day ads. And some paid for unique customer experiences, some onsite and some online. The savviest sponsors engaged fans before they ever hit the turnstiles or clicked their remote. They knew … [Read More...]

Downtown Banff - Kevin Dooley

A Journey Down Conference Street

So go downtown Things will be great when you're downtown No finer place for sure, downtown Everything's waiting for you* *Downtown as sung by Petula Clark. Take A Mental Stroll It’s time to take a nostalgic journey downtown on Conference Street. Visualize yourself walking down a … [Read More...]