A Fool And His Money By David Goehring

Too Many Conferences Provide Plop, Placate And Pay

Have conferences become too enthralled with experts and attendees swapping solutions? Have conference organizers resigned themselves to the inertia of the way we’ve always done it? Is the traditional conference experience in danger of being institutionalized which devalues individual … [Read More...]

SupermanExtreme by JDHancock

Nonprofits Contradictions And Real World Disruptors

I don’t claim to know a lot. But I am pretty confident of these two things: Change is the constant today and continues to accelerate. Our nonprofit associations are dynamic, complex systems embedded within an even more dynamic, complex übersystem: human society. Six Changing Association … [Read More...]

Disruption by Tsahi Levent-Levi

6 Real World Conference Disruptors

All disruptions are innovations. But not all innovations are disruptors. At least that’s what Forbes writer Caroline Howard says. Think of innovation and disruption as both makers and builders. However disruption dislodges and changes how we think, act, do business, learn and go about our … [Read More...]