Sutro BathsvVertical Poop by Andy Morris

Too Many Technical Presentations Suffer From POOH!

Sutro Baths: Vertical Poop by Andy Morris Your conference’s technical presentations suffer from POOH*! “Huh?” you ask. “What are you talking about?” Too often, and I mean way too often, our conferences are full of technical presentations that offer nothing more than POOH! For some reason, we falsely believe that technical presentations don’t … [Read More...]



Your Conference Renewal Begins With Wondering

Where does true conference improvement begin? The conference revitalization process is probably very different than many of your past experiences. It’s so different that we have to view it through new lenses. By taking charge of your own understanding of conference improvement and … [Read More...]

lg arena km900-byLuca Viscardi

Event Mobile Apps Five Big Trends [Infographic]

Julius Solaris and his team at the Event Manager Blog launched the Event App Bible recently. Here are five trends he noted from his research of more than 100 providers and 2,000 participants. Full image and description here-> 5 Trensds in Event Mobile Apps Courtesy of Event Manager … [Read More...]